Keswick Bible Conference

America’s Keswick is located in Whiting, New Jersey. It is a Christian Ministry which holds conferences on their beautiful grounds to provide others with the opportunity for families to retreat from daily responsibilities and reconnect with God and each other. Through CAM International (Central American Mission) they also sponsor yearly Spanish Bible Conferences taught by Jack O’Brien and Patricio Paredes. This weekend not only teaches to the parents but also provides lessons and care to their children, ensuring ministry to everyone in the family. There are also many activities for the family to do together, such as biking, swimming, basketball and tennis.

Keswick is also the location of the Colony of Mercy, a residential ministry for men who are recovering from addiction, such as alcohol abuse. The ministry encourages these men and their families to seek the Lord as the Source of hope and transformation in becoming free from bondage.

Our Experiences

During the month of January and February we begin to make preparations for the annual conference at Keswick.
The Spanish Health Ministry began to take small groups of Hispanic families in 1985. Since that time, God has grown the Ministry. In 2017, we had 26 Spanish families who attended the Keswick conference. Including our own volunteers and staff, that’s a total of 98 people!

There are many responsibilities for our families to think about when leaving for our conference. First of all, there are matters at home which they must provide for in their absence, but also the responsibility of traveling with a special needs child and ensuring they have all the equipment and items necessary that their child requires, so that the child will be comfortable.

In order to respond to these needs, we drive two vans to carry our children in car seats. And, for our remaining family members, we hire a coach bus to provide room for items such as wheelchairs, which fit under the bus.

We also take along volunteers, who are responsible for child care for our children with special needs who require one-on-one care and would be unable to attend the large group children’s programs without a volunteer companion.

We also take along our staff representatives who make themselves available to our families for spiritual discussion, reflection, follow-up, and fellowship.

Please join us in prayer for this year’s Bible Conference weekend, March 2-4, 2018. We look forward to what God will do!

Our Sponsors

It is because of the generosity and faithful giving of many individuals that we are able to provide our families with this opportunity.

We are so thankful to all our sponsors who have provided funds to help these families pay for this weekend and who have committed to pray for them prior to and during the conference weekend.

Whenever a sponsor gives a donation of any amount they receive the names of a family to pray for during the conference along with a picture of the family and thank you letters from them upon their return home.

Anyone wanting more information about America’s Keswick Conference Center may go to their website.