We are so blessed to have over 400 supporters around the area making financial donations, volunteering their services and time, and reverently praying for the Spanish Health Ministry. We like to keep everyone informed about the families we are assisting, the hope Christ has brought to many, and the blessing we are all receiving by way of the Spanish Health Ministry.

On a quarterly basis we communicate with all our supporters by way of a prayer letter. Written by one of our staff members, we feature praise worthy news about the progress of our families and their children. We also ask for prayers concerning those in special need of the healing power and love of God. You may even find a place in which you could serve the Ministry. If you would like to be added to our distribution list for our e-letter or a printed letter please fill out the form below. If you select the e-letter you will be sent an e-mail with the latest prayer letter attached.

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Good Friday

Bible Study continues to meet even on “Viernes Santo.” On this day, there is a special program for all ages. The adults have a special gathering to read the Easter Story from the word of God and sing some of their favorite hymns. The children have a Vacation Bible School style program with a Bible lesson centering on the death, burial and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The teens also meet on this day, using Precepts Ministries Bible resources to help them dig into the Scriptures.

Unfortunately, in light of COVID-19, we saw it necessary to cancel the Good Friday 2020 program. It is our desire that everyone stay safe and healthy. Lord-willing, we will reconvene next year to celebrate our Lord’s love together.

Since we did not meet, we gave out 50 copies of An Anchor for the Soul by Ray Pritchard, President of Keep Believing Ministries.

Keswick Bible Conference

America’s Keswick is located in Whiting, New Jersey. It is a Christian ministry which holds conferences on their beautiful grounds to provide individuals and families with the opportunity to retreat from daily responsibilities and reconnect with God and each other. Partnering with Spanish-speaking missionaries from Camino Global (now Avant), one of those conferences that America’s Keswick sponsors is a Hispanic Conference Weekend. This weekend not only reaches the parents but also provides lessons and care to their children, ensuring ministry to everyone in the family. The conference is still being held for 2021, but, sadly, we are unable to attend. With so many of our families immunocompromised, we know it is unsafe for us to go. Instead, with the assistance of Grace Fellowship Church, we will be livestreaming the sessions Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday night. We are offering this only to adults, as we are unable to hold any programming for the children at this time. We will be giving clear directions to those who can livestream from home so that they can have access to the programming as well.

Keswick is also the location of the Colony of Mercy and Barbara’s Place, residential ministries for men and women respectively who are recovering from addiction, such as alcohol abuse. The ministries encourage these men, women, and their families to seek the Lord as the Source of hope and transformation in becoming free from bondage.

Our Experiences

During the months of January and February we begin to make preparations for the annual conference at Keswick.
The Spanish Health Ministry began to take small groups of Hispanic families in 1985. Since that time, God has grown the Ministry. In 2020, we had 27 Spanish families who attended the Keswick conference. Including our own volunteers and staff, that’s a total of 107 people!

Our Sponsors

It is because of the generosity and faithful giving of many individuals that we are able to provide our families with this opportunity.

We are so thankful to all our sponsors who have provided funds to help these families pay for this weekend and who have committed to pray for them prior to and during the conference weekend.

Whenever a sponsor gives a donation of any amount they receive the names of a family to pray for during the conference along with a picture of the family and thank you letters from them upon their return home.

Anyone wanting more information about America’s Keswick Conference Center may go to their website.


Men’s Bible Study

We are also thankful to God for Jack and Patricio who make this possible. What a blessing to be able to reach out to the whole family!

The Men’s Bible Study, which began April 2016 and is led by Jack O’Brien and Patricio Paredes now meets weekly on Friday evenings on Zoom and has been doing so since the beginning of the pandemic.

We continue to thank God that we are able to minister to the needs of the men. And we are thankful for those we have seen trust in Christ and grow in their faith as a result of this outreach.

The Men’s Bible Study was able to meet the week after the Hispanic Bible Conference at Keswick before the coronavirus shutdown. They reviewed the Bible Conference lessons from 2 Timothy and began memorization of 2 Timothy 1:7 and 2 Timothy 2:1. They were also joined by a new man that Jack met during the first weekend of the Hispanic Bible Conference. (There are two weekends of the conference and we attend the second weekend.) Realizing he was from the area, Jack invited him to the Bible Study, and he came.

We ask that you remember these men in prayer in this uncertain time of the coronavirus as many of them do not have full-time work or work at all. Most of these men began working in their teens and have been steady workers in the mushroom industry supporting their families. This is traumatic for them to not be able to adequately care for their families. Pray that their faith would sustain them as they struggle to support their families and lead them spiritually as well.

Ladies Bible Study

The Ladies Bible Study resumed in October after seven months of not meeting due to COVID restrictions. That first meeting was a happy day! We are studying, An Anchor for the Soul, by Ray Pritchard.

Because of COVID restrictions, we are unable to provide child care at this time on Friday mornings. Therefore, those who have small children are unable to attend. Ladies who have children at home doing virtual schooling are also unable to attend right now. To minister to these moms, we are sending out cards to them, one per week. The ladies who are attending the Bible Study write messages inside the cards to encourage them. We are also, on a bimonthly basis, sending out copies of El Aposento Alto (The Upper Room) devotional to all of our Bible Study ladies to encourage and refresh their spirits.

We are grateful to Grace Fellowship of Unionville for allowing us to use their facilities
for our weekly Bible Study.

Grace Fellowship Church

Vacation Bible School